Bharathi Kala Manram is one of the most respected Indian cultural organizations in Canada. Started in 1969, it has specialized in preserving and promoting South Indian culture and traditions.

Manram has organized the majority of Carnatic music concerts by visiting musicians from India in Toronto over the past 30 years, In addition, Manram has assisted other centres across Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary, to name a few) in presenting these concerts.

Manram has also initiated the Thyagaraja Music Scholarship scheme at York University, whereby two annual scholarships of $750 each are awarded to York University students of Indian music. Through a collaboration with teachers of music and dance, and by providing platforms for students to perform at various events, Manram encourages the learning of Carnatic music and dance in Canada.

Manram functions as a meeting and networking forum for newcomers to Canada. It enables them to make a smooth transition into the Canadian lifestyle while maintaining the cultural traditions of India. It is the leading Indian cultural organization in Canada with over 45 years of excellent community service.

Apart from south Indian music and dance, Manram’s history includes language classes for children, screening of south Indian movies and the occasional dramas/plays, community picnics and Hindustani music concerts. Manram has been played a key role in fundraising for many charitable events.