Dear patrons and supporters

This year marks the 50th year since the inception of Bharathi Kala Manram, Canada’s premier organization for Indian classical arts and culture.   Over the years Manram has provided entertaining content and a platform for the Indian diaspora in Toronto to showcase its talent. However this year, despite our best efforts to make this our milestone year, Manram has run into several financial obstacles. Our regular funding level from the Ontario Arts Council grant was reduced due to unforeseen circumstances. Programming costs have also risen over the years. Despite the increasing cost of travel, visas, and regulations around visiting artists, we have managed to maintain our annual membership costs at the same level for over a decade. While we do not want to increase our membership costs, we do need help from our members and philanthropic sponsors to make this year a grand celebration fitting for an organization of Manram’s calibre and reputation during this landmark year. 

This year, Manram has planned a number of special events, high profile concerts, and festivals honouring great composers and traditions, including its landmark Thyagaraja Aradhana and the 5th Annual CAN-AM festival. To run these events, we will need volunteers and encouragement in the face of financial adversity, but more importantly, we will need donations. 

We are requesting your support via this GoFundMe page. Any amount is appreciated. However, we are asking that each family consider a minimum “member” donation of $100 to help us out. We are also accepting  sponsorship of events from  music teachers and schools, high net worth professionals, and long time supporters who can help us out a little bit more. Depending on the level of sponsorship  there will be many opportunities to advertise and promote your business or school at our various events. 

Manram would not be where it is today without the support of its members, supporters, and well wishers. We are ever grateful for your support and humbly request that you help make this year, and every year, a grand success.

BKM Committee