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COVID-19 Artist Fund Donations:

As always, BKM is committed to supporting the cause of classical arts. Many artists’ livelihood depends on their ability to perform in sabhas or concert halls, and due to restrictions in place in India and abroad, this has been disrupted.

Several worthy causes have emerged and we would like our members to be able to contribute to them. Here are just a few:

Global Carnatic Music Association:



Sumanasa Foundation:


If you have identified another worthy cause that supports classical arts and the musicians in their time of need, please let us know and we will do our best to add it to this list.

Annual Membership Drive

Hello everyone,

On behalf of the Bharathi Kala Manram Executive Committee we hope this email finds you well. This year has been a very interesting and challenging year for many organizations across the world. Organizations supporting the arts have been hit hard due to the restrictions the pandemic has placed on programming and public gatherings. Bharathi Kala Manram was one of the organizations that has experienced these challenges. Despite the inability to present programming in person, we were successfully able to move to an online platform to continue our mandate of promoting the arts. Our regular events featured a variety of talented artists representing many genres showcasing their skills in a novel live format. The response to these events has been nothing but positive, with attendance exceeding 300 viewers on the online platform. Heeding the advice of our public health officials, we will continue to promote this format, including special programming, until it is advisable to conduct in-person events in a safe manner.

Bharathi Kala Manram has been one of the pioneering Indian cultural organizations in North America for over 50 years and we intend to sustain this organization for many years to come. As an organization that propagates the arts, we need financial support. Over the years, Manram has been able to support the community, educate our youth, and provide our members with outstanding programming. Our financial costs have increased each year and 2020 has been especially challenging.

In order to weather these financial challenges, we need substantial funding. Manram is working with various levels of government to receive grant funding and sponsorship. However, this is not enough. Therefore, we are requesting you to subscribe to a membership for the year 2021. The membership rates will remain the same as in the previous years. A membership to Bharathi Kala Manram continues to be of great value with innovative programming, special events such as our Thyagaraja Festival, CanAm festivals and other cultural collaborations.

2021 will be no exception as excellent programming is being scheduled. We will continue to have our monthly Harmony in Culture Online Festival series including special events such as the Annual Thyagaraja Festival and other premier events being presented. With adequate funding, we will also be presenting online events featuring world renowned artists until we can safely present live programming. We are optimistic that as a community, we will overcome this challenge and soon get back to our in-person social interactions. Please help sustain Bharathi Kala Manram for our future generations by clicking below to purchase a membership.