2021 Membership Information

We continue to celebrate over 50 years since Manram’s inception and we intend to celebrate many more over the years to come. Early bird membership rates have been maintained at the same rate as last year despite financial pressures. This membership entitles FREE admission to most Manram events. There are exceptions, when a small surcharge may be collected for very expensive, high profile programs. The calendar of events includes at least seven concerts, three social events, Thyagaraja Festival concerts, between four to five Canadian talent events (music and dance) and other co-sponsored events.  During the Public Health restrictions, most events will be conducted online and live in-person events when it is deemed safe to do so.

Membership Rates (subject to change, visit website frequently for updates):

Membership type Early bird price – 10% discount
(before April 15 2021)
Regular price
(after April 15th, 2021)
FAMILY $200 $220
FAMILY SENIOR (65+) $150 $165
SINGLE $100 $110
SINGLE SENIOR (65+) $75 $82.50
YOUTH (15-25) $75 $82.50

Purchase or Renew your membership online. Bharathi Kala Manram uses Paypal to securely allow members to process membership fees using their credit cards online. You do not require a paypal account to process payment. Please ensure you add your email address for reference.

2021 Membership
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1. Seniors are considered to be those 65 years of age or older.
2. A family membership covers the member, spouse, children under 18 and Seniors living in the same household.
3. Any adult (over 18) but not a Senior within a family household must take an additional/separate membership.
4. SINGLE membership enables membership privileges for one adult only. No additional children/adult/senior is covered in this membership. If more than one person is in the family unit, please enroll in a FAMILY membership so that everyone is covered.
5. The membership privileges are NOT transferable. Please do not use membership privileges to obtain discounted (or free) admission for Manram events, for persons normally not covered in that family membership. Please buy guest tickets for them.
6. Membership is valid for the calendar year, regardless of when it was obtained during that year. New
payments are due on January 1st of every year. Some discounts may be allowed for memberships taken after June.
7. Due to cost pressures, Manram is now adopting an “early bird” discount structure whereby renewals done prior to the first major event of the year will be discounted by 10%.  There will be absolutely no concessions on this and it is the responsibility of BKM members to renew on a timely basis to avail of this discount.